What is "Let's Go Cariño?"

Cariño = Sweetie

We are Erin and Mehedi, a couple from New Mexico with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. In early 2016 we left behind the comforts of home to live and travel on our bicycles. We flew to Mexico on one way tickets and headed south toward Argentina. We fundraised to northern Peru, where, in April 2017, we finished our 14 month bicycle tour. We plan to return to Peru in 2018 and continue cycling to Patagonia!

Why bicycles?

We enjoy traveling, exploring and seeing the world in a unique and rewarding way. Bicycle touring (specifically bikepacking) truly offers it all. Physically and mentally demanding, one who travels by bicycle is constantly rewarded with a full sensory experience – birds chirping, epic vistas, camping in remote places, bathing in waterfalls, climbing mountains and so much more.


what other people are saying

Email us at americasporbici@gmail.com

how we roll:

Maintaining a minimalist approach to life
Inspiring people to live a healthy, outdoor lifestyle
Traveling with a minimal carbon footprint
Camping with a Leave No Trace ethic
Organic farming with indigenous communities
Sharing stories, cooking & playing music with locals
Working with locals to promote sustainable tourism