what does “cariño” mean?

It means “sweetheart” in Spanish. It does not become feminized when referring to a female. Used frequently in Mexico.

why did you do this trip?

Why not? Life is short.
We have always had a lot of overlapping interests. Mehedi’s interests include mountain biking, traveling extensively through Latin America before we ever started traveling together, and speaking Spanish. Erin’s interests and passion for photography and storytelling, experience in advertising/marketing and the desire to learn Spanish and travel in Latin America made this a pretty special union.

what was your favorite country?

It’s a toss up for us between Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Every country was pretty unique, and we’d be happy to go back to any of the places we traveled!


how did you pay for it?

We got really resourceful. We saved up a modest nest egg that would be just enough to get us through Mexico. We told ourselves if that was all we’d complete, we’d be happy. But we got on the road and people started sending us donations to stay and continue traveling. Our family and friends got us the first 6,500 miles, from Mexico to Ecuador! While we were on the road, we were very frugal, cooking most of our own meals and rarely imbiding in expensive luxuries. We also did not acquire many souvenirs as we were traveling on our bicycles and were limited by space and weight. We worked with outdoor brands, hotels, restaurants, tourism boards to make ends meet. Erin also had a graphic and web design job where she could work remotely and make her own schedule.

will you do another long trip?

We sure hope so! Some ideas include: Netherlands to Spain, the length of Italy, Southeast Asia to the Himalayas, and pretty much anywhere in Africa.


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