We're going back to South America...
and this time, you're coming with us!

We're pretty stoked to hit the road again! On June 3, we fly with our bicycles to Peru to resume our journey to Patagonia! This time, you're coming with us. What?! That's right guys, we're starting up our YouTube channel and will be posting a video EVERY WEEK while we're on the road for the next year. It's pretty ambitious, but... not more ambitious than riding our bikes across the South American continent this year.

We rode across Ecuador!

...and all we got was this low-res video?! Just kidding! Ecuador was AMAZING! We couldn't believe how unique and beautiful it is... and how truly wonderful its people are! We had a wonderful time in this country and put together a video from the three months we spent exploring its high mountains, rich culture and wonderful people from our bicycles.

December 2016 – March 2017
Music: Ñucallacta

Six months on the road!

We're celebrating six months on the road by putting together a video of our time in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

February – August 2016
Music: Erin on her little Guatemalan guitar